Welcome to the virtual tour of my exhibition at the Netanya Cultural Center that started on November 8, 2001.

First, here are the introductory comments I made at the exhibition opening:

Growing up in East London I first decided to be an artist when I was given a small book about Van Gogh. I still have something in common with him, I have never sold a painting. But, I was advised that art does not pay well and so I became a scientist. Not that science is in any way inferior to art. There is a story told about Albert Einstein, who was approached by a woman who asked advice about her brilliant son. She said he could be either a scientist or an artist, but he could not decide. Einstein asked if he was very creative, and she replied, yes. Then, he said he might be able to become a scientist.

My art has developed slowly over the years, and has taken on a new spurt with the help of Alex Umanski at the Netanya Art Institute after I made aliyah in 1996. There is nothing "scientific" about my art, but there is a certain tension between the analytical and creative sides of my nature. Clearly I am fascinated by shadows and those aspects of reality that have an unreal aspect. This is not unusual since the play of light is the basis of much art.

I am happy to have reached this point to have my own modest show. In organizing this show I really want to thank Dita Liron, the Head of the Netanya Artist's Cooperative. Her input was key in getting this show organized. I thank the Administration of the Hechal Hatarbut for allowing me to exhibit here, and the City and Mayor of Netanya for making this show possible. I would also like to thank my wife, Naomi, who never objected when I invited people to come and see my etchings.

I hope you enjoy the show and that you appreciate the paintings for their beauty and mystery.

Window with Slats

Red Lilies

Black Irises

Still Life with Red Pepper

Reflection -- Girl on Train

Ceiling Shadows I

Ceiling Shadows II

Corner of Room -- Shadows

Purple Wall - night

Marie's Dream

Poleg from the Dunes

Ascona -- Early Spring


Ozymandias 1972

Sunset 6009

And finally, a few shots of the pictures in context.

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