Recent Paintings by Jack Cohen

Here are some of my paintings. Some of these paintings are for sale, enquire.

The Bridge at Irpin, Ukraine Oil on canvas 180x120 cm (April, 2022)

Komorebi - Light Through Trees Oil on canvas 180x120 cm (March, 2022)

Curved Facade Oil on canvas 70x100 cm (Dec, 2021)

Sunlight on pool Oil on canvas 60x80 cm (Dec, 2021)

Creation Oil on canvas 80x90 cm (Nov, 2021)

Liora's reflection Acrylic on canvas 80x80 cm (April, 2020)

Shadows of trees 100x120 cm (Dec, 2015)

Who's there? 80x120 cm (2014)

Funeral 100x120 cm (July, 2013)

Homage to Greece 80x120 cm (Jan, 2012)

Sun thru Blind 80x120 cm (July, 2011)

Glasses with shadows 50x60 cm (July, 2011)

Not Canaletto 70x100 cm (July, 2009)

Azrieli Towers in the clouds 100x120 cm (April, 2009)

Cityscape reflection, Calgary 100x180 cm (February, 2009)

Van Gogh's eye butterfly 120x240 cm (September 2008). One of three related paintings of mythical flying creatures

Die Fleidermaus 120x240 cm (April 2008)

Thunderbird 120x240 cm (Nov 2007)

Tuscan countryside 70x60 cm (Jan 2008) Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Rafael Green

Then and now 120x140 cm (Dec 2007)

Glass wall (student cafeteria) 100x120 cm (Nov 2007)

Dripped landscape (August 2007)

Male and Female (August 2007)

Mandrill in the kitchen (April 2007)

Woman in shower I (March 2007)

Woman in shower II (March 2007)

Cafe conversation (Nov 2006)

Streetlamp thru shutters (Sept 2006)

Doors 100x120 cm (2003)

Fanci Foods - Annapolis MD 100x120 cm (2002)


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