Earlier Art by Jack Cohen

Here are some of my older works. Some of these paintings are for sale, enquire.

Still Life with Jug and Apples 30x40 cm (ca. 1964)

Ozymandias 106x146 cm (1970)

Simon -- 5-years-old(1971)

Our Lady of the Beltway, MD (ca. 1980)

Spilt Blood -- Vietnam (ca. 1980)

Old Georgetown Road, Traffic, Night, Rain(ca. 1980)

Fall in Rock Creek Park (ca. 1980) Owned by Barry Garfield

The Stairs (ca. 1982)

Sunset 6009, Rockville Pike, MD (ca. 1980)

Reflection - tree ca. 1985 (56x60)

Japanese bride (ca. 1990)

Nesher cement factory (2004)

The Moment(2004)

Bialik's garden - Tel Aviv (2003)

Kenwood Gardens, London (2003) Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Simon Cohen, Livermore CA

Jerusalem - where earth & sky meet (2002)

Optical incident (2003)

Trissim - night (2002)

Rehov Dizengoff, Netanya (2002)

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