Of Gods and Lemurs

This is the cover of my book entitled "Of Gods and Lemurs" (2016)

Here is the preface of the book:

In one of those strange coincidences, I found myself writing two quite distinct works at the same time. One was on my views about being a Jewish atheist, based partly on lectures that I had given over the years at our English speaking club in Netanya. I decided to call this “The Tolerant Atheist,” which is a work of non-fiction. The other was a story based on a true and disturbing incident that happened to me.

Once I stumbled innocently into a family quarrel that had been going on for 20 or more years, and later when I learned of the origin of that situation, I decided to write a story based on it. Somehow that also became intertwined with my fascination for the lemurs of Madagascar, which led to my writing the fictional story “Discovering Humanity.”

During that period I had visited Portugal with an organized group to see sites of Jewish heritage and I had written a journal of my trip. I had also written a short story based on the name of the city of “Phoenix” and the redemption of a woman who had been trapped into a life of drugs and sex.

Quite a heady mix. There must be a connecting thread in there somewhere, probably in my sub-conscious. Hopefully the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I hope you enjoy the melange.

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