Confessions of A Jewish Activist

This is the cover of my memoir: "Confessions of a Jewish Activist" (2010)

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This work describes my activities in the Soviet Jewry movement, from the time I was arrested in Washington DC in 1970 for organizing an anti-French demonstration, to when I went to London and was briefed by a secret underground Jewish group, my visit to Moscow in 1972 where I met refuseniks, and the role I played in the huge anti-Brezhnev demonstration in Washington DC in 1973.

I also added several interesting stories, including a tour of Sinai before it was returned to Egypt and another is a humorous account of "How to murder your mother-in-law," for any frustrated son-in-law.


Here are two photos taken around 1975 of me addressing groups on the Soviet Jewry issue in front of the White House and across from the Soviet Embassy in Washington DC.

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