This opening took place at The Communities Center, 2 Salomon Street, Netanya, on Dec. 15, 2008. The show was sponsored by the Municipality of Netanya

Here are the Remarks I made at the opening:

I am an observant Jew! I notice everything. Some of the things that fascinate me are reflections and shadows. They obey well-known laws of light, yet they are ephemeral and insubstantial. If taken in isolation they look unusual and even abstract. Many of my paintings are about these effects, reflections and shadows.

In its English meaning, “visualization” means not only actually seeing something, but also imagining what it might be. Within this context I include my paintings that are about the play of light and also those that include the fabulous flying creatures that I have envisaged and painted.

The set of three such paintings based on the three categories of flying creatures started with my fascination with masks and the fact that the North American Indians use highly stylized masks in their rituals. I did a painting based on the mythical NW American Indian creature, the Thunderbird. I then did another based on a bat and a butterfly with the motif of van Gogh’s eyes. There is no rational explanation for these paintings, but they pleased me.

I also include in this show two drip paintings that were inspired by Jackson Pollock’s statement, ”I fight the random.” They are based on scientific formulae, the titles of which, “titration” and “hysteresis,” are real physical phenomena that are known to physicists and are represented creatively.

My paintings of shadows and reflections can be seen as a way to use painting to record aspects of ordinary experience that are not concrete and not readily photographable. In the era of digital photography it seems pointless to paint what is better represented graphically by a photograph. By focusing on shadows and reflections that are time-dependent, one can paint a version of reality that is nevertheless sometimes quite abstract.

I thank Eduard Paskhover for his help in preparing this show, George Dubin, Chief of the Immigration Div. of Netanya, Moshe Shamir for his support and I thank all of you for coming.

A few shots from the opening.

The artist

Moshe Shamir and Eduard Paskhover

View of paintings

View of paintings

Dripped paintings

View of paintings

Other paintings

Some paintings

The flying creature paintings

The easel and landscape

The crowd

The artist's family

The crowd

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