Unsung Heroes of Jewish History

This is the cover of my book entitled "Unsung Heroes of Jewish History" (2021)

Published by The Davis Family Foundation

For centuries, Jews have struggled to survive under cruel and often tragic circumstances. And for centuries, our common ancestors have given their lives so that we, today, can live simply and unburdened. This book fills a niche by describing some of those individuals who have made one or more great contributions to Jewish history and survival but are hardly known or remain obscure. Their unsung heroics are the stuff of fiction, and there are many such stories.

From Donna Grazia who helped Jews escape the Inquisition to the Banana King who inspired votes in the 1948 UN vote to create Israel, these stories are both informative and inspiring. My intent is that this book be used to educate both young and old members of the Jewish community so that they know the great stories of their people. In these times, fraught with the resurgence of antisemitism, these stories are a powerful tool in our fight to continue.

The Jewish people have made major contributions to Western civilization, even though we have always been a persecuted minority. It is to understand the scope of this contribution that these stories have been collected to provide a mosaic of how our people lived and contributed in heroic ways.

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