Portraits by Jack Cohen

Here are some of my portraits.

Some of these paintings are for sale, enquire.

Miriam 50x70 cm (Sept, 2016)

Beryl in blue 50x70 cm (June, 2016)

SOLD 7/2016

Mikael 60x80 cm (April, 2016)

Prof. Robert Wolfe 60x80 cm (Dec, 2015)

Millie at 100 60x80 cm (Aug, 2015)

Eddie 60x80 cm (March, 2014)

Barile 60x80 cm (Feb, 2014)

Baruch 60x80 cm (Feb, 2014)

Jaya 60x60 cm (Jan, 2014)

Sahlee 80x90 cm (Jan, 2014)

Naomi 70x90 cm (Dec, 2013)

Self-Portrait- reflection 60x60 (1999)

Self-Portrait after surgery 60x72 (1990

Frank Portugal 52x52 ca. 1985

Self-Portrait on Siv's Death 60x60 1980

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